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About ME

I've been into fitness since rocking out to episodes of "Mousercise" on the Disney Channel as a young girl. I loved the idea of fitness, of working out and being fit...but I wasn't consistent and didn't really have a plan. I worked out on and off, never really feeling like I was reaching my potential. It was frustrating to want something so badly...and to feel like I couldn't have it.

Then I got a personal trainer and my life changed.

He was amazing. He taught me how to feel comfortable and confident in the gym. He inspired me to become the best version of myself:  a woman who could accomplish anything she set her mind to doing. He held me accountable for my actions and helped me get back on track when I fell off. He showed me that the only thing stopping me from accomplishing my goals was me.

Since then, I've wanted to share the lessons I've learned with others. I wanted to be able to do for others what my personal trainer did for me. After my baby was born in August of 2016, I made the decision to transition from a career as a scientist to getting my certification as a personal trainer.

Changing careers was one of the best things I've ever done. I can help my clients reach their goals, I have time in the gym to reach my own goals, and I have the flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my new baby. And I'm working off the baby weight, practicing what I preach!

To here more about what I'm up to, check out my blog!