I LOVE FOOD especially all the not-so-good-for-you stuff. Its so easy to eat the things you're not suppose to. This past Saturday I was having a lazy day at home. It was raining and my 7 month old is teething and cranky. So we spent the day hanging out, napping and watching TV. I never realized how much companies advertise food. I found myself ready to order a pizza when I had left over chicken dinner in the fridge. There is not much nutritional value in pizza , especially compared to homemade chicken and broccoli. I would have wasted calories, been less satisfied and more hungry later on.  

Yes I weigh out my food, keep track of what I'm eating and count calories. I have shifted the way I think about food and you have too if you want to drop the weight. I think of my calories like money. I only have so much I can spend today. There may be day or two when I might go over by 100-200 calories but I make sure that my weekly average is within the range of my goal.

In order to change how you eat you have to know what you eat. Keep track by writing down everything you put in your mouth. Yes, write down that one piece of chocolate or that mint. It can be challenging at first but then it gets easier. There are tons of apps that can you use as well. No need to omit writing something down. You can't help yourself by not telling the truth. Don't give me that "I don't have any time to keep track," Yes you do. If you have time to check a social media account while you are eating, you have time to log what you ate. 

You got this!

LaNecia Wood